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The catastrophic earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, and the more than 52 aftershocks that followed, left the nation in shambles with a death toll of 316,000. The monumental number of casualties created tens of thousands of orphans and children in need of attachment and trauma therapy.

In March of 2012, Small Steps International partnered with Cottonwood Church to aid the work being done by Maranatha Children’s Ministries in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Courtney Lewis, the owner and clinical director of Small Steps, spent her time in Haiti educating the nannies, preschool teachers, directors and caretakers of another local orphanage (Three Angels Orphanage) and the directors of MCM. She focused on helping all the attendees understand the importance of their role in developing healthy neurological functioning in the life of every child in their care. Courtney taught them easy to apply, yet crucial therapeutic skills to help each child heal from abandonment and trauma and form healthy attachment. Healthy attachment is the foundation for healthy psychological functioning in human beings.

This past April, Courtney began working with MCM monthly via phone calls to support the work that has been established through her mental health trainings.

In October 2012, a team from Small Steps returned to Haiti to provide further mental health support to the children in the orphanages and preschool. We are constantly working to develop fundraising strategies to further Small Steps’ work in Haiti. If you are interested in partnering with Small Steps, please contact us.

To donate towards our trip back to Haiti in 2013 please go to:

“Mental health work is highly needed in Haiti and no one is there to provide it, [except for some highly priced counselors providing therapy to the upper class]. Thank you for coming to Haiti, we need the work that you do”
Haitian Consulate