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Supporting Staff

Emily Graffius
Executive Director
Grant Writer

Emily brings financial direction and focus to Small Steps International.  She has spearheaded fundraising in the past and is excited to contribute all her knowledge and experience to SSI.   Emily has her BA in English with a Minor in Mass Communications.  She has extensive training and experience in leadership, consulting, counseling, team development and teaching.

Traveling to other countries, like China and Venezuela, have shown her the desperate need for emotional care for children around our world, as well as in America.  Connecting with SSI helps her passions and talents to come together as one.  There is a need for healing in poverty-stricken areas and orphanages in our world.  Small Steps International can fill that need, in the Jemez Valley, in Haiti and beyond.

Emily asks for your support in reaching these children who have experienced so much trauma and abandonment.  In training their caretakers to attach and nurture in healthy ways, we can affect these children’s hearts and minds forever.  Will you consider financially supporting us monthly?