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Board of Directors

Courtney Lewis

Courtney's Bio

Courtney Lewis specializes in the treatment of children.Her goal is to help strengthen the mental health of children and families who live in New Mexico. Small Steps will eventually broaden the scope of treatment locations with a vision to provide international community and family training as well as treatment.Much of her treatment has focused on traumatized children and poorly attached children. Courtney has earned credentials through the Association for Play Therapy as a Registered Play Therapist and is currently working on her Endorsement for an Infant Mental Health Practitioner.

Magdalena Gerhardt

Magdalena's Bio

Magdalena Gerhardt is a founding board member of Small Steps International and she has been instrumental in the development of the company as a non-profit organization. She has always shared a passion for the heart of Small Steps International’s purpose to create an environment of health and healing for children suffering from trauma.Magdalena and her husband have 4 children and their family has served on staff at Triumph Centre Church in Albuquerque as Assistant Pastors for 8 years where she has been co-director of the Children’s Ministry. She is also an integral part of the Music Department and Guest Services. She has a degree in Mathematics Education from the University of New Mexico. Along with serving on the board of SSI and homeschooling her children, she also works as a Math and Spanish tutor.

Holly Wehr

Holly's Bio

Holly Wehr is the financial assistant for Small Steps Child Counseling and the treasurer for Small Steps International. She is a critical part of the SSI team and brings great experience in leadership, finances, mediation and child development. She holds degrees in Psychology and Elementary Education.Before working at Small Steps, Holly taught elementary school for 9 years. Her experience in the schools showed her the great need for play therapists, such as Courtney, to train teachers about how to help children through trauma. Holly learned how vital it is for brain development for parents to give their children security and love. As a mother, she strongly believes in and practices attachment parenting. She is wholeheartedly committed to the mission and vision of SSI and assists in marketing and promotion for our cause. Holly lives in Albuquerque with her husband, son and daughter.

Jeri Davenport
Board Member

Jeri's Bio

Jeri is a board member at large. Her goal is to support the Board of Directors in reaching the vision of Small Steps International. She brings years of management experience and an eye for the big picture. Able to serve in any capacity needed, she is a great go-to person. She graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Business and Accounting with a keen sense for understanding the small details that make an organization successful. Having worked with children in ministry for many years, she has a passion for helping children understand who they are in Christ.