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Posted by on Nov 19, 2013 in Haiti | 0 comments

Our 4th Haiti Trip

ssihaiti2 SSIHaiti3
Haiti. The Experience. The People. The Children. They change lives. They change first world perspectives.
Basic infant mental health education is what they need and it’s what Small Steps International provides.
Why should we touch our infants the Haitian parents ask….and we answer.
Why should we not beat our children the Haitians ask….and we answer.
Touching the heart of a child with consistent love….Training the brain for health….It’s vital in living a healthy and fulfilling life…Small Steps International provides such health.
The Haitians keep telling our team that everyone in Haiti needs to hear our training. Foreign aid does come with medical care and other avenues, such as cleaning systems for their water. Yet an equally great and growing need in Haiti is mental health.  Educators in Haiti beg us to come back and teach more.  Parents are shocked by what they hear and ask for more. We have met a Haitian consulate, a Haitian psychologist, educators, pastors, nannies, doctors, and they all believe in what Small Steps International is doing.  They think our training and education should extend the length of the country and penetrate the hearts of all who live in Haiti. Since SSI gives in mental health training we hope to change not only the children, nannies and teachers but the future Haitian generations.