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Posted by on Oct 16, 2013 in Haiti | 0 comments

October 16, 2013 – Haiti Day 3

What day is it? HUMP DAY for week one!

Quotes from our Infant Attachment Training today from mothers:

“Why should we touch our baby?”

“So when there’s a behavior issue with our child, what is another option rather than beating them? (Beating means hitting their children with sticks.)

“If the father is being mean to the mother, does it affect the baby?”

Courtney and Auntie Di did vital work with educating the parents of our preschool children at Marantha. Our dear translator, James, has learned about our work and proclaims that everyone in Haiti needs to hear the training that Small Steps International provides for free here. Educating is half the battle in helping these children have more mental and emotional health. No one tells the moms at birth that skin to skin contact is a good thing for their baby. No one tells the parents to hold, touch and look at their babies. James says in obvious awareness, responding to the question if he would implement this education when he becomes a father, “Why wouldn’t I?!”

Our day was also filled with more individual assessments of children facing trauma and abandonment, baking for the classes, putting every screen back on the windows of the home and preschool (yay mosquitoes won’t come in as easily now), pantry organizing…living every day life with the Haitians and Americans offering support, grace and love where we can.


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