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Posted by on Oct 15, 2013 in Haiti | 0 comments

October 15, 2013 – Haiti Day 2

Day two in Haiti

The warm night of day one came to a close with dinner and devotions with our host family. A team meeting was a great start to day number two. Our group has fantastic chemistry…passion for the cause, good humor towards each other, and respect for those we are serving are making a successful trip. Dividing and conquering today, our crew went to three separate places.

The construction team, Arick and AJ, continued work on the Maranatha home and orphanage. The men are constantly working (digging holes, pouring cement, and fixing screens) with little rest to get the job done. Emily and Rachel stayed to help with the preschool. What did they learn about Haitian children? For all of the differences between Haiti and America, some things do not change. Little girls have to stop racing to fix their hair clip, boys pull girls’ ponytails, little children cry when dropped off at preschool, children fight over sitting in grown-ups’ laps, and possibly most noticeably, mothers love and advocate for their children in Haiti too. Courtney, Bre and Auntie Di took their services to a neighboring ministry called Heartline. Courtney trained at least 30 moms at Heartline about 0-6 months infant mental health. Auntie Di trained in infant massages. This was an incredible and encouraging time for teaching these Haitian moms.

Our team is learning a lot about Haiti. We have new levels of gratitude for DEET, convenient access to clean water, and even generators (the government turns off the city’s electricity randomly throughout the day)! We are especially thankful for home cooked meals in the evening. Byron and Shelley (our host family), have massive dinner times (25 people last night!). The best way to end our day here is with the 3 D’s: dinner, devotions and total body DEET coverage…even IF you have just showered!