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Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Ministering to the little Angels

Traveling from the land of plenty….the land of opportunities…the land of instant gratification…

to the 3rd world country of Haiti in a matter of two hours can be a jolting culture shock.

Trash lines the streets as poverty is the only smell for miles. Dirt. Grime. Beautiful

faces that stare back as you drive by with the windows rolled down. There are no rules. No government

that tries to help the people. Drive where you want. Hope for survival.  It is so expensive to purchase groceries or a house but

trying to find work can be difficult. Broken down cars are pilfered for parts to sell. But there are rays of

hope for the future generations because of Three Angels Children’s Relief and Maranatha Children’s Ministries in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

For the children that are abandoned, there is hope. There are orphanages that are there to pick up the

broken and lonely. This week Small Steps International’s team is at Three Angels

Children’s Relief and next week we will be at Maranatha.  Our fellow Americans who run these safe havens

for the Haitian babes have come to give their lives for the less fortunate in our world. The malnourished,

the blind, the wounded…and they do it with grace and love. There is hope. We’ve come to work and

serve regarding mental health and construction…to make their lives a more healthy and safe place.

There is nowhere else we’d rather be at this moment. The people here want the same thing anyone, in

any lifestyle or country or economic background want…they want to keep their families safe, they want

to be loved and be healthy. We are here to help them fulfill their basic needs!