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Posted by on Oct 8, 2012 in Haiti | 0 comments

Last Haiti 2012 Entry

One last blog entry before we head to the Dominican tomorrow.  On this trip I was asked to do two assessments of individual little girls.  One is a baby about 12 months and one is a little girl age 6.  The six year old had been “zoning out” at preschool, showed significant delays in learning and recently had begun to act out at school.  The baby was found 3 months ago on a trash pile in Port-au-Prince by a police officer, she was starving and left there to die. They found out she had HIV and since being at Three Angels she has recovered some of her ability to respond, but is behind developmentally and is overly quiet.  I was able to implement some assessments that I have been trained in through Play Therapy and the Infant Mental Health Association.  Both girls revealed the need for significant help after each assessment.  I laid out treatment plans that are possible within the scope of what the orphanages can do, but it makes me sad that there is no other child therapists or psychologists down here who can help and get these children the services they both so desperately need.  And they are just two.  There are many children just like them all around Haiti.