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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Haiti | 0 comments

Last Day

Today was the last day teaching at Maranatha Children’s Home.
I reviewed the entire series for a group that had not heard it, but had requested to learn the information.
Husbands of the nannies and members of the community attended; and some of the nannies returned.
Now we are creating certificates for all who attended and they have requested my notes translated into
Creole, so I haveJames and Megan busy at work translating all my notes while I relax!  Ha! Just kidding.
I am working on getting ready to leave Maranatha and go to Three Angels Orphanage in the morning.

The nannies have given feedback that they have appreciated me coming down again to share this valuable information to them and that they are blessed by it.  All of it is new to them and it makes them recognize how important they are in the lives of these children that they are raising between 0 and 3 years of age. Caregivers of children  between the ages of 0-3 have the largest impact on the child’s neurological development out of all the relationships in their life. They are laying the foundation of experience that will dictate the child’s sense of self, relationships, environment and behavior. I can not emphasize enough how important they are in the lives of these children. During this trip they have learned self regulation techniques and caring touch that builds attachment.

It is blessing to teach such sweet women and men who care so much about learning this information and are willing to invest their hearts and minds in children that will be adopted out or their own children here in Haiti.

The pic is of my little helper with all the OT techniques.