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The creation of Small Steps International began with the desire to educate and provide emotional and psychological support to at-risk local New Mexico and international communities.

At a local level SSI began work in one of New Mexico’s at-risk rural communities, Jemez Valley, NM in August 2011. One purpose of SSI is to provide Infant Mental Health intervention, play therapy, family therapy counseling and community education to help families heal in the Jemez Valley area.

The second purpose of SSI is to develop long term relationships with at-risk international communities through direct psycho-education of child caregivers. The child caregivers are those that live with children in orphanages and their homes. SSI has traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to teach caregivers living in Maranatha Children’s Home and Three Angels Orphanage techniques that are dedicated to helping children between the ages of 0-3 to promote healthier psychological development.

If the child is given a chance to develop healthier psychologically, then the child has the chance to raise their own family in a healthier way. Healthier families create healthier communities and healthier communities create healthier nations. This is the motivation behind the international and rural work of SSI.


Courtney Lewis, MA LPCC RPT-S IMHE-III

Founder and President of Small Steps International