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Bridging the Gap

What Americans want to know about the third world….
It is as bad as you may imagine. Haiti is the third hungriest country in the world. It is the poorest country with 77% of the people living in poverty. Trash lines the streets. People try to earn money to pay for food, for rent… for their children to go to school.  It is not cheap to live or eat in Haiti.  Survival is the name of the game. Yet hope lines the streets as children walk to school in their uniforms, as moms and fathers find decent work and as they keep working hard to not only survive but thrive.
Small Steps International exists to impact the orphans and children in Haiti for a lifetime. We educate the nannies, teachers and caretakers on how to emotionally and physically connect with these orphans and students so that they can have the most mentally healthy life that is possible.  The progress is slow but there is progress.  We are hopeful for the future and hear positive results from adoptive families, the orphanages and the Haitian preschool teachers.
Education is where it starts.  Ignorance is not always bliss…it’s harmful and we’re here to make a lasting impact by educating and helping implement healthier lifestyles and environments for these Haitian babes. On this trip we have educated the nannies at the orphanage and done mental health assessments.  We have helped the nannies learn to journal about their loss as their orphan babies they raised for years have been adopted. We have taught parents of the preschoolers about healthy eating habits and parenting. It has been encouraging to their faces light up as they are empowered by what they hear.   The parents have learned about attachment, child development, discipline, and nutrition.   They have also learned about the balance of healthy parenting through providing security and nurturing.  They were so excited after the first class, that they brought their friends for the second class! Maranatha and Three Angels are persevering in the midst of great struggle.  They are working in the trenches in the name of hope and love. Their hearts for the Lord are evident as they selflessly serve in Haiti.  We are honored to partner with them in changing lives.
You can be a part of what we’re doing.  Most people won’t be able to travel to third world countries but you can support the organizations that are able to bridge the gap.  Our first world societies are filled with so much plethora. Please consider making a one time donation or monthly pledge to support the mental health that SSI stands for day in and day out…in New Mexico and Haiti.  We continue to take small steps to change the world through donors like you.
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