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Posted by on Oct 8, 2012 in Haiti | 0 comments

At Three Angels Orphanage

Hi Everyone!  We are now at Three Angels Orphanage. We have been teaching classes yesterday and today. It has been a busy week. I have found that in bringing a team down, it is more important to bring more people down with me that can cover the preschool teachers spots and nannies spots while I teach and people that can help out in maintenance and all the other duties that are needed around the preschool and orphanages.  It is nice to have an assistant, but now I know that I need to bring a team down to help do some of the more practical coverage.  My team has been great! They have been filling in, in lots of places.  There was need to have shelves built, so John pulled out the carpenter card, we needed assistance with the school and Megan became insta-teacher, and Jeff, well Jeff, filled in everywhere!

Three Angels Orphanage has 7 babies and all of them have just arrived in the last 5 months. Their orphanage was destroyed by the earthquake so the Japanese UN forces helped them tear down the condemned building and they relocated to a new house in the same neighborhood. They have two babies that were thrown away in a trash can, two with HIV, one that was abandoned in a hospital and two that were relinquished by the parents.  It is amazing what these nannies do and one of my most important jobs is to teach them how important they are in the the brain development of these precious children!

So we will teach today and then be done.  Megan and John will head back to the States, Jeff and I will head to the Dominican Republic.  Thank you for being a part of all of this.  It is possible that I will try to come back in February with a team from Cottonwood Church again and then again next August or July with Small Steps Team. If you see yourself as wanting to be a part of this, please get in touch with me through our Contact Page. I would love to consider you to help with the Small Steps Team!